Bass on Surface, Gorge fishing fun

by Mat Cameron

With the lack of rain during late winter and spring, the bass have been very slow moving back up river from their spawning run. This lack of rain also means the water is gin-clear, so the bass can be very finicky and hard to tempt. Late in the afternoon bass could be seen cruising in the shallows, but were spooked easily. Long casts and stealth were required to tempt these cunning fish, but Bassday Sugarpens in black C-162 were the right lure choice as a number of fish between 15 and 43cm being caught before night fall. This lure was effective at drawing aggressive surface strikes from the fish, even if the lure was only twice the size of the fish!

As day turned to night the fish came out to feed more freely. In a lot of the gorge country along the rivers here in northern NSW, there is an abundance of mice and rats which makes the Megabass Rat-x Jr a consistent performer. The seductive Wake-bait action of the Rat-X Jr was able to draw many strikes from the bass, often fish hitting the lure 4-5 times before connecting with the hooks! Over 15 bass fell victim to the Rat-X Jr for the night, with the biggest being a feisty 48cm model.

48cm Rat-munching Bass

48cm Rat-munching Bass

Always one of my favourite styles of fishing, hiking on foot along the steep, picturesque gorges catching bass on surface. Definitely recommend it to anyone, but don’t forget your surface lures!