Bassday Kangoku Vibe Fires Up Fussy Bream

by Zac Skyring

I was blading on a sunken reef recently on the Richmond River. My sounder was showing promise with smatterings of good bream schools. I was using an Atomic Bladz in my favourite Muddy Prawn colour and was receiving a few tentative nudges. I decided something more subtle might be needed so I changed to a Bassday Kangoku Vibe. I hadn’t used one of these for ages and had forgotten how well they cast and how easy they are to fish.

It was certainly the change that was needed. First cast I was nailed on the drop by a solid fish. I soon had it boated and continued fishing using a retrieve of double hops with plenty of pauses. This action was triggering the bream into a frenzied bite. I ended up having a fantastic session with a bag of tanked bream plus a Tarwine which was close to the 40 cm mark. It certainly proves to mix things up when the bite feels a bit timid and not stick to lures that you think should be working. The Samurai Inflict 3-8lb that I was using was imparting the perfect action and provided perfect pulling power to keep these fish out of the reef.

Like a blade the Kangoku Vibe can be fished in several ways from slow rolls to twitches which create subtle hops or even big rips off the bottom which when the bream are in the mood can really turn them on.