Bassday Sugarpens for Bass, Black magic!

As the weather starts to warm up again as we get closer to summer, the bass start to feed a lot more freely on the surface. With the increased temperature and humidity, many of the bass’ diet start to become more prevalent and start to appear across the surface of the rivers and creeks. Insects, larvae, prawns, baitfish and frogs all fit firmly into this category.


With this increased activity on top of the water bass become suckers for surface presentations, but one that is starting to become hugely consistent at catching these bass is the Black coloured (C-162) Bassday Sugarpen 75. This slim-profiled, walk-the-dog style surface lure not only draws plenty of surface strikes, but has an excellent hook up ratio thanks to a front and rear set of trebles.


The slim profile of this little gem allows for long, aerodynamic casts to avoid spooky wary fish sitting just under the surface. Once it has hit the water, allow the lure to rest for anywhere up to 30 seconds, depending on how patient you are! The ideal retrieve is then imparting small downward (or sideways for kayakers) twitches with your rod tip whilst simultaneously winding the reel slowly. As you do this action the Sugarpen should dart from side to side, skipping across the top of the water. The intensity of the rod tips and winding speed can be varied to change your retrieve from a panicked frenzy to a steady, finesse surface walk.


These fantastic surface lures from Bassday can be used in a wide range of different environments on the water, from fishing steep, rocky gorges, narrow tree-lined creeks, heavy-timbers sections of dams, across shallow rapids, along submerged legs and many more.


And remember, when bass fishing, try to get your lure as close to the structure as possible! As the fish will be sitting close to structure waiting to ambush their prey. It can often pay dividends to cast beyond your target structure to allow your retrieve to be in full swing as it reaches the fish!