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Bassday Sugarpens for Bass, Black magic!

As the weather starts to warm up again as we get closer to summer, the bass start to feed a lot more freely on the surface. With the increased temperature and humidity, many of the bass’ diet start to become more prevalent and start to appear across the surface of the rivers and creeks. Insects, […]

Bass on Surface, Gorge fishing fun

by Mat Cameron With the lack of rain during late winter and spring, the bass have been very slow moving back up river from their spawning run. This lack of rain also means the water is gin-clear, so the bass can be very finicky and hard to tempt. Late in the afternoon bass could be […]

Vibing Schooled Bass

by Codie Stewart There are two main retrieves I do for Bass fishing, the first is just like using any other Vibe. Cast out and let the lure sink to the bottom, once on the bottom I start with short, sharp hops back to the boat. In between hops I always let the lure sink […]