Changing Plans Delivers 1st at Ballina Marineland Bream Classic

by Zac Skyring

Last weekend saw the annual Ballina Marineland Bream Classic held on the Richmond River.

Our pre fish two days before had found very few quality fish in the lower reaches. The run in tide was producing extremely clear water so fish were timid and hard to find. We had previously nailed some good specimens upstream so that was our plan comp day.

As we left the start line we noticed the water clarity was different to the Friday prior to the comp. Now, it always pays to be able to change up your plans in response to changing conditions so we decided to hit the walls in the lower reaches instead. It was the perfect decision. Using Atomic Semi Hard Minnows, we had 5 bream about 34 cm tips in the well in the first ten minutes. We were giving the Semi Hardz two sharp twitches then allowing the lure to flutter back down and then leaving a lengthy pause. This retrieve  was creating the most interest from the bream and we suspect that the sharp rips would attract the fish and they would simply pick the lure up off the bottom after it floated back down. The horizontal sink definitely plays a part in making sure this lure looks realistic.

The rest of the day was spent upgrading as we fished different sections of the walls. Here, we altered our strategy and one of us stuck with the Semi Hardz while the other used a vibe style lure fished with hops and pauses.

It was a dream day and we caught over 50 bream, releasing fish in the 34 to 36 length range and ended up with our 5 biggest measuring up to 39cm, with a weight of 3.63 kg.

Fishing these lures in this style takes finesse and patience and the Samurai Reaction 201’s and Samurai Inflict 3 to 8kg and 2 to 6 kg provided the perfect action for the lures and also had the strength to keep our fish away from structure.