Getting the Most out of a Deep Bite

by Dan Mackrell

Down here in ‘not so sunny’ Victoria the bream fishing in winter is in stark contrast to the conditions faced during the warmer months. Gone is the clear, warm water and with the cooler temperatures and increase in rainfall conditions change quickly. The systems dirty up, water temperature plummet and the humble Black Bream head for deeper water and can be found in large schools.

Bassday kangoku vibe

With the quality electronics available at our disposal these days, finding the fish can be the easy bit getting them to bite can be tricky. However if you can crack the code on any given day and work them out you can have some ripping sessions catching cricket score amounts of fish.

It can be a simple matter of sitting on top of the schools and mixing up the lure and retrieve to work out whats going to work best.

Below are the lures I have found success on firing up the winter fish.

  1. Atomic Metalz 1/8oz : These little 35mm blades are dynamite for covering a lot of water quickly and are generally my first choice on the deep water bite. Their strong vibration and ease of use make them a must have for this style of fishing. It pays to mix up your retrieve when using these varying the amount of hops and even pause time. You will find that the majority of the bites will be on the drop or as the lure lays motionless on the bottom.
  2. Bassday Kangoku Vibe: This lure is fished with the same technique as the Metalz however with a more solid body it has a slower sink rate and the vibrations given out when it’s lifted are a lot more subtle. This can be all the difference some days and with a colour chart to match any situation these bite size vibes have accounted for plenty of fish.
  3. Bassday Range Vibe: The 45mm range vibe is a solid resin construction, it is heavier than the other vibes mentioned and casts a mile. It sinks fast and gets you down to where the fish are quickly and stays there. I find short sharp hops and longer pauses seem to be the best technique for using these.
  4. Atomic Semi Hardz Vibe: Only a newcomer on the scene but this lure is producing plenty of fish, with its soft rubber construction and fast sink rate I have some great successes using this lure in high areas of flow and in deeper water. Definitely a worthy addition to the tackle box.
  5. Atomic Fat Grub Plazos 2”: The only thing that needs to be changed when using these little guys in the cooler months is the jighead size, fishing them in deeper water I like to run them on 1/12 or 1/8oz atomic seekerz jigheads. The slower the retrieve the better the results with these. Soft single or double hops off the bottom will generally see the bream clunk these as they sink back down or sit on the bottom.


It’s also worth noting that on all of the lures mentioned above I like to scent them up with Megastrike, my personal favourite is the crawfish scent, it has a strong smell and it’s makeup clings onto the lure for a lot longer most other varieties on the market.