Vibing Schooled Bass

by Codie Stewart

There are two main retrieves I do for Bass fishing, the first is just like using any other Vibe. Cast out and let the lure sink to the bottom, once on the bottom I start with short, sharp hops back to the boat. In between hops I always let the lure sink back down whilst trying not to leave too much line slack. You should try to keep in contact with the lure the entire time of your retrieve.

This fish was caught by using the 'Tea Bagging' retrieve when the bite was tough.

This fish was caught by using the ‘Tea Bagging’ retrieve when the bite was tough.

The second is what I call ‘Tea Bagging’ this is what I do if the school of Bass is under the boat on the sounder. I just simply drop the lure down beside the boat allowing it to hit the bottom, once it has, I just hop it up so that the lure comes up roughly a foot. I allow it to sink back to the bottom and repeat this process until I get a bite or I’m on. This is a very effective way to catch fish, especially when they are ‘shut down’. By using this technique you are keeping the lure in the fishes face and therefore out of frustration 9 times out of 10 the fish will strike your lure.

Using the Bassday Range Vibe and the above two techniques, in particular ‘Tea Bagging’ has caught me a lot of fish when the bite gets tough!